8 Steps to create a brilliant email marketing campaign

With the world glued to their inboxes 24/7, email marketing has never been so important, particularly if you’re looking to start a business. An email marketing census released by Adestra in April 2016 showed that email marketing is still a top return on investment, with nearly 73% of respondents rating email marketing as excellent or good, in comparison with social media, which came in at 39%.

With email marketing still coming out top, how do you create an email campaign that doesn’t end up in the virtual dustbin? Here is our guide to help the email marketing novice.

1. Create your mailing list

First and foremost, your need to create a customer base, collect their email addresses and get their permission to email them. Take a look at our how-to on creating a successful mailing list.

2. Choose your software

There are tools that can help provide a range of services, from sending out simple text-based emails to wonderfully designed creations to tempt the hardest of customers. One of our favourites is MailChimp, but PCMag also has a useful article reviewing the top email marketing providers out there.

3. Establish your message

What is your product or service and what element of this are you going to include in your email campaign? Is it updating customers on new product ranges? Offering discounts or loyalty points? Or could it be just about educating customers on your expertise or reminding customers you are still there?

4. Determine your target market

You need to think about who you are targeting. Is it your entire network of customers, or maybe just a select few? Think about the tone in your email to suit your customer and reflect your brand.

5. Draft your email copy

Simple, clear messages help to create an effective campaign using a tone that will really speak to your customer. Make it personal to help identify with them.

6. Quality check

You have your fabulous email, but step away from that send button. Test your email on internal staff or friends to ensure there aren’t any bugs, typos or formatting errors.

7. Track email performance

You’ve clicked send, so now is the time to track and measure the success of your brilliant campaign to see if it is actually brilliant. Look at click rates, unsubscribe rates, website traffic, sales, bounceback and new subscribers.

8. Consider A/B testing

If you have decided to continue on the email campaign train, then A/B tests allow you to narrow down on the most effective elements of your campaign and throw them all together to create one hell of an email campaign next time round.


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