8 Steps to create a killer landing page

A landing page is a standalone web page used in marketing and advertising, to convert visitors by performing a specific action. In this post we give some tips for creating an effective, responsive landing page through the Moonfruit editor.

1. Define your purpose

Before you start, it’s important to understand the purpose of your page. There are three main types of landing pages:

A one-page website with a specific goal, e.g. brand awareness and engagement through great content or a specialised informative page for a certain product.

A click-through landing page to promote an offer and persuade visitors to buy.

A lead capture page to collect information from prospective customers, usually name and email address. 

2. Get inspired

Take a look at these fantastic landing page examples for some design and copy inspiration before you get started. You should notice these pages – especially above the fold – are similarly simple, light on copy and present a clear call to action. 

With your goals defined and some design ideas, you’re ready to create your page and copy. If you want to save some time, we have a selection of pre-designed header sections to choose from in-editor, to make creating your landing page that much easier. Find out how to add a new section to your Moonfruit responsive page here: Responsive Pages: Adding/arranging a section.

3. Determine your long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are specific phrases relating to your business, usually consisting of 3-5 words. Although using hyper-targeted long-tail keywords will generate less search traffic, the people who do find you will be more likely to convert.

While avoiding keyword stuffing (as this can have the opposite effect on your ranking), make sure to naturally incorporate your chosen phrase where you can within the page name, written content, page title and page description. It’s super easy to add meta data to your Moonfruit responsive page: Responsive Pages: Adding SEO meta data to your page.

4. Perfect your copy

Keep your message simple and clear for your target audience. When someone lands on your page, their first question will likely be ‘What’s in it for me?’ Focus on what your visitor wants to hear about and what you can do for them. Write action-oriented copy that fits with your branding and tone of voice. Check out our tips for writing great landing page copy: 7 Tips for writing super compelling copy. You can also read more about defining your company tone of voice and messaging here: Building your brand: An Introduction.

5. Create a call-to-action with impact

Design, size and language all influence the success of your call to action links. Less is more when it comes to wording, for example ‘Sign up’, ‘Buy now’, or ‘Book an appointment’. Create a sense of immediacy and encourage your visitors to act (‘Get started now’) evoke excitement (‘Let’s do it!’),  be personal (‘Take me there!’). Your CTA button should ideally be the largest link on the page. 

We walk you through adding link buttons to your page here: Responsive Pages: Adding/editing a link button.  Choose from a variety of colour and advanced styling options to really make them pop.

6. Make it mobile friendly

According to a study by Kissmetrics, 47% of people expect pages to load in less than two seconds, and 40% will abandon it after three seconds. Visit your landing page across a variety of devices to test loading times and accessibility. You can preview how your site will look on mobile and tablet when you create a responsive page, directly through the Moonfruit editor.

7. Add share buttons

It’s time to expand your page reach. Embed social media share buttons to make it easy for your visitors to share your page with their friends and colleagues. Adding them to your Moonfruit site couldn’t be easier. Simply visit the Facebook share plugin page to generate your code, then simply add it to a snippet box in-editor. Check out our guide for adding HTML to responsive pages here: Responsive Pages: Adding an app or HTML snippet.

8. Spread the word

After the work you’ve put in to optimise your page, it’s time to promote promote promote. Boost clicks by posting to your social channels, or create an email marketing campaign for your current subscribers. We list some great marketing strategies for you to try here: How to: Growing your startup without a marketing budget.

So, now you know how to create a super effective landing page for your business, why not put it to the test? Create your responsive landing page with Moonfruit today!