All-New: Transform your website in seconds with global styling

Have you heard about our responsive page global styling tool? We’re pretty excited about it, so wanted to share the benefits and how to get started using this handy new feature.

What is global styling?

When you build a website, you want an easy, no-stress experience. But you also likely want the advanced control to really make it your own. With global styling, you can change the look – including specific style and colours – of your website in seconds. By editing the style site-wide, there’s no need to change each page or section individually. You can change your sites feel in a flash, through one single panel, completely effortlessly.

How can I get started?

In the Moonfruit responsive page editor you can change your websites background, link styles, and fonts site-wide in a few clicks!

Open the right side panel and click the ‘Site’ tab, shown in green below. The customisation panel will open. From this panel you can change your website background colour/image, plus default link colours and font style and colour. Any changes you make here will transform all your responsive pages right away (once you’ve clicked ‘Save’) and also feed over to any new responsive pages you create.

Why not try out global styling today when you create a Moonfruit responsive website?