Easy tools for engaging social media graphics

Research by HubSpot suggests that incorporating visual media into your online marketing can increase the likelihood of a casual browser clicking on a link by up to 55%. Our brains are hardwired to retain information more effectively when we associate it with a visual image. This makes quality social media graphics a fundamental aspect of building brand awareness.

Here are a few of our favourite creative tools that can help you make the most of your brand.

Place It

Place It is a digital mock-up platform that allows you to display your logo in a variety of “real world” situations. Whether you want your brand wrapped around a coffee mug, displayed on an ad, or showing up on a user’s phone, Place It will let you seamlessly incorporate your design into thousands of different scenarios. You can even have your brand appear on clothing being modelled by real people, with the editor cunningly adjusting the base image to match dips, curves, and wrinkles in the fabric.


As we touched on above, the combination of textual information and visual imagery can be a powerful aid to memory, and nowhere is that more noticeable than in the infographic. Piktochart offers a powerful editing tool and a selection of over 600 infographic templates to make creating a bespoke infographic for your social channels or website a simple process. The drag-and-drop interface means that you can construct your infographics in a matter of minutes.


One of the most versatile online graphic design services available, Canva offers thousands of different design options, across hundreds of templates – enough to create anything from Facebook covers to Youtube thumbnails. Canva starts you off with all the elements you need, but you are able to customise any of these as required – importing your images or using Canva’s own, alongside eye-catching text options that give your social media graphics a professional look.


Pablo is an easy-to-use, bare-bones graphic editor. It is particularly well-suited to creating promotion and announcement images for the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, though it can also be used for generating sharable quote graphics. Its most important feature is its simplicity. Social media graphics can be completed, end-to-end, in a matter of minutes – and then resized and shared to all major social media platforms with a couple of clicks.

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