How-to: Generate passive income with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online and is a great source of passive income.

Affiliate marketing involves promoting someone else’s product or service on your website or blog, and getting a commission for contributing towards sales. This can be a great way to boost your income, particularly if you’re a blogger who reviews products, or if you offer a service where you could easily promote other complementary services to your site visitors. Almost anyone can become an affiliate marketer and we’re going to talk you through how you can get started.

1. Search for the perfect affiliate programs

A quick search online will show you that there are hundreds of opportunities to become an affiliate marketer. Most companies selling a product or service today have their own affiliate programs. One of the biggest examples of this is Amazon’s Associates Program, where there are millions of products you can choose to advertise.

There are also larger affiliate networks where companies can apply to advertise their affiliate programs (merchants), and affiliates (publishers) can sign up to promote for these merchants. Shareasale is a popular affiliate network which advertises over 4000 different programs. All affiliate programs vary in the type of commissions they offer, so it’s worth having a look around to see what suits you.

2. Apply to your chosen programs or networks

When you’ve found an affiliate program or network that you’re interested in, you can usually apply quickly by filling out a simple online form. Depending on whether the program approves affiliates automatically or not, you’ll get access to log into your affiliate account immediately or after a few days.

Your affiliate dashboard usually contains all the materials you need to start promoting right away. Don’t overload yourself immediately, choose a few affiliate programs and learn what your site visitors are interested in.

3. Add the referral link to your site or blog

The referral link is unique to you and is what the merchant uses to track how much traffic you bring to their site and how many leads or sales you generate. Add the referral link to your site or blog along with any other promotional materials the merchant may offer (this might be banners or product videos).

It’s totally up to you how you display the links, be as creative as you like! To add a link to your Moonfruit site, you can follow this guide, or this one if you are using responsive pages.

4. Promote products and track your stats

As long as you drive traffic to your site or blog, then you won’t necessarily have to heavily promote the product. But for those that want to be more of an active affiliate marketer and take advantage of the massive earning opportunities, sharing your referral link for the product on your social media pages and giving genuine feedback about the product can be a great way to potentially increase your commissions.

Avoid high-pressure sales talk and don’t spam your referral link out! Most affiliate programs display statistics in your affiliate dashboard that you can use to view how many clicks your link is getting and track how much money you are earning, so you can watch your efforts pay off!