5 Ways images from social media can help you stand out online

Most people have the attention span of a goldfish. Or to put it another way, a goldfish can hold a thought for longer than a human. So even though you’ve lovingly crafted every single word on your handsome new website, it can be an uphill struggle to get people to stick around. To get the attention your new business needs, you have to keep it interesting, relevant and real.

Various studies have proven that one way to achieve this is to use photography. For example, psychologist Jerome Bruner uncovered that 80% of people will remember something they’ve seen, but only 20% remember something they’ve read. A study by Skyword cited that websites with compelling imagery receive around 94% more views than their competitors.

In the past, you only really had two options in terms of where to source photography – either you could try and find an excellent local photographer, or manually hunt through stock archives. As local photographers usually charge at least £500, most people have historically opted for the latter, but stock photography is far from ideal given its unoriginality.

To solve this tricky dilemma and offer visitors something interesting, relevant and real, you can now source images which began life on social media. These are regular photos, taken by regular people just going about their day to day lives. When you’re creating a Moonfruit site, it’s really easy to find the right social media image thanks to our partnership with the Lobster marketplace. Lobster handles all the tricky licensing for you and pays the original owner on your behalf. You can simply search for new images directly in your editor, buy them individually and put them where you wish.

Here are the five main reasons why “real” photos are proven to generate more interest in your new business.

1. More authenticity

Candid photography is always preferable to staged shots. It’s the difference between an impromptu photo of a groom’s glance at a wedding and a line of cheesy grins. Your business needs to feel authentic and too much polish isn’t usually a good thing.

More authenticity

2. Truly yours

Over 1.8 billion images are uploaded to social media every day, so it’s highly unlikely that your competitor will pick the same one.

Truly yours

3. Up to date

The images you’ll be using could’ve been taken this morning. New content is being added every second.

Up to date

4. Hyperlocal

Stock photography rarely features lesser-known towns and tends to focus on large Cities only. With Lobster’s smart search, you’ll find plenty of photos for a wide range of different areas, which will appeal to your local community.


5. High quality

The standard of social media images has improved considerably over recent years due to better smartphone cameras. But in addition to this, a Lobster search also lets you source images from websites such as Flickr, which is used by professionals and amateurs alike.

High quality


So to make sure that you can hold the attention of even the most fidgety of goldfish, try adding a few social media images to your Moonfruit responsive website today.