Introducing our new logo

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new logo, colour scheme, and additionally a brand new! The task of the Moonfruit brand makeover fell to us here in the design department, and in this post we wanted to discuss our new logo and branding in more detail.

So, why the new look?

Our current branding has been going strong for 6 years. With the full release of our responsive web editor getting closer, we saw this as a great opportunity to give a fresh feel to the whole Moonfruit brand. We want the new responsive editor to be at the heart of our new brand identity.

Our new direction

From the outset we were aware that the rebrand was going to be a bit of a balancing act. We wanted to convey that this was a new, reformed product, but also not steer so far from the original brand. With that in mind, we agreed quite early on that we should stick with the original ‘M’ letter mark for our logo, and if possible, to try and maintain a certain degree of consistency when thinking about the new colour palette. It didn’t hurt that from a design point of view it is also a very nice letter to work with.

As with any logo, we wanted it to concisely convey everything that our company stands for. It had to be fundamentally apparent that we are a web company, that our platform is simple to use, that we are reliable, and above all else we are friendly and customer oriented. We wanted to make it clear that this is an accessible product that anybody can use.

In general, the best logos are those that are versatile and adaptable. A logo needs to be able to work in different contexts and still be instantly recognisable. Whether it’s big or small, black and white or all the colours of the rainbow, you should still be able to understand what it is within the first few seconds of looking at it. So, simplicity was the key.


The first stop was the sketch book to see what we could come up with. We wanted the main focus to be on the new responsive web editor, and to that end we felt the logo should be representative of the straight columns, grids and blocks on which it is based. However after some development, we decide they feel too hard and utilitarian, and not nearly friendly enough.

An M itself is a very angular letter, and although diagonal lines can represent dynamism and innovation, they also have a tendency to seem unfriendly. So our new aim was to find a way to soften the M with the incorporation of circles and rounded edges.

Roundness provides friendliness, which we had in abundance with the previous logo, but the incorporation of straight lines gives more of a sense of structure, support and solidity. This is absolutely what the new Moonfruit stands for. The editor aims to be simple and undeniably easy to understand.


The green was the strongest and most recognisable colour from our previous colour palette. We decided to carry this across and lighten it ever so slightly. We chose an additional dark colour in lieu of a black that would work with a number of other colours. Once we decided on these two colours, we used a colour wheel drawing straight lines to find their exact opposite counterparts. A basic, but effective approach. You can see our complete scheme above.

It was after several weeks of development, that we arrive at our final design! We feel the logo stays true to our roots while still reflecting the evolution of the responsive editor, and evoking sense of modern structure yet full flexibility. We’re really excited about it, and would love to hear what you think in the comments below!