Introducing Themes: Fantastic ready-made colour schemes for your website

We’ve just released 20 colour themes for responsive pages! You can now change your website colour scheme in seconds when you select one of our ready-made palettes, hand-picked by our designers here at Moonfruit.

We thought we’d run through some of the range, as well as suggestions for which palette will best suit your website. Plus, we discuss how you can use these colour themes to convey your company message and even increase engagement! Read on to discover the benefits of five of our new colour combinations.

Lighthearted & vibrant

The energising and tropical yellow, red, and aqua combination makes this palette perfect for travel websites. Use these vibrant colours in small doses to attract attention to specific areas of your page. Reds evoke a feeling of passion and excitement, making the flame red in this theme the perfect hue for your buttons and links to inspire action.

Sleek & professional

The blue and monochrome shades of this theme are great for a sleek, corporate feel. Blue is the colour of trust and is also super versatile. Lighter blues are refreshing, generating images of sea and sky – while deeper blues bring a sense of calm sophistication and sincerity. This scheme is great for websites marketing technology or a business specifically looking to evoke a sense of trust and reliability.

Unique & exciting

The highly saturated blue and orange in this palette balance perfectly with the pastel peach and cool grey hues. While white conveys modernity and openness, the vibrant orange gives a feel of uniqueness and creativity – making this the perfect colour scheme for your art, interiors, or design website.

Warm & earthy

The muted complementary hues make this palette colourful but not too overwhelming. Natural sand and brown tones suggest warmth and comfort. These shades against contrasting sophisticated blues work perfectly for creating a feeling of elegance. Why not try out this theme for your hotel or restaurant website?

Tranquil & delicate

Pink is an underused colour in web design but if used sparingly, can create a feeling of comfort and tranquility. While pinks can sometimes appear cold, the addition of warm peach balances this calming palette. The scheme works particularly well for spas, skincare products, or wedding services.


Now that you’ve got to know a few of our themes, why not try one out through the Moonfruit responsive editor today?