The eazi-peezee answer to getting a 5star website

Moonfruit are one of these answers, that apply to many a website question. They don't need the user to buy software, they don't need to learn code, they don't even need to have a designer to create a simple, effective and very usable website. Its there at your finger tips and comes with enough of what you need to get you a decent looking site that will be eye-candy for your clients, friends or those that stumble on your URL.

Don't believe me, well try it for free and keep it for ever...

If your needs are bigger than the free package, then build upwards as your growth demands, the ability to expand can be done simply at affordable prices. And with your business growing, your knowledge of moonfruit will do so too. If you can use any of the office/word processing programmes available, then you will be about 85% familiar with the world best website building software, the remaining 15% will be the little tweeks and tricks that will give your site the star quality matched only by your 5 star provider.

Jul 2012
5/ 5stars
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Signing up and transfe…


Signing up and transferring our domain name was quick and easy. Not only that but the support is great - questions answered quickly and in a friendly way. Overall, brilliant.

,   Aug 2014

5 5
Moonfruit has enabled …


Moonfruit has enabled us and many other users of varying levels of experience to build great websites. We highly recommend it for small businesses and start-ups.

,   Nov 2014

5 5
If you want a self-bui…


If you want a self-build website but don't have the technical knowledge, then this is the site to use.

,   Dec 2014

5 5
So easy to use to crea…


So easy to use to create your own website, but unlike other sites, you do not feel restricted to what you can achieve. You really can make your site look and operate exactly as you want it to!!

,   Aug 2014

5 5
Fantastic service. So …


Fantastic service. So easy to work with and very on the ball when it comes to any (rarely occurring) issues. Nothing's impossible with this lot!

,   Aug 2014

5 5
We own a thriving smal…


We own a thriving small business, emphasis on small. We can't afford a development team or expensive website host, but 80% of our business comes from online search. We owe our business to Moonfruit.

,   Jul 2014

4 5
Moonfruit has done me …


Moonfruit has done me proud. Feedback from potential customers has been that the website looks clean and professional.

,   May 2014

5 5

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