• Our Mission

    To democratise design online and offer everyone design control over their web or mobile sites.

  • Our Team

    The people who choose to build with Moonfruit invest in creating a lifestyle and way of earning that they love.

    We expect no less from our team.

    We’re a rapidly growing team of 50+ developers, creatives and entrepreneurs who are passionate about great design, great products and supporting startups, small businesses and design communities.

  • You

    If you’re a passionate and talented individual who wants to make a difference, we’d love you to join the team at our light and airy studio based near Soho, London, UK.

  • Moonfruit

    We are the no.1 DIY website builder in the UK and are growing rapidly in the rest of the world. A third of our users are in the US. More than 5 million sites have been built using our design software.

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