Powerlisting Terms & Conditions

Powerlisting T&C

Service Terms for PowerListing

  1. When you purchase Power Listing from us you enter into a binding legal agreement incorporating:

    1. These Service Terms for Power Listing ("Service Terms"); and
    2. SiteMaker Services Terms & Conditions at available at https://www.moonfruit.com/terms ("Conditions");

    (together, the "Agreement").

    If there is any conflict between these documents, the Service Terms shall take priority

  2. In these Service Terms:

    "Business Data" means business name, full and accurate address within the United Kingdom, telephone number, and the classification type for your business.

    "End Destinations" means the web pages on which your business information will be published including third party websites, social media websites, and local online directories.

  3. Capitalised terms used but not defined in these Service Terms shall have the same meaning as set out in the Conditions.

  4. The Agreement shall commence on receipt of the first successful payment and shall continue indefinitely until terminated by either party giving the other party 30 days written notice.

  5. Payment shall be on a periodic recurring basis for the Term. Payment shall be by credit or debit card facilitated by a third party payment gateway provider (Stripe). By subscribing on this basis you authorise both an immediate payment and a repeat payment which will be deducted on the frequency chosen by you during the payment steps using the card details you submit. You grant us, Stripe and Stripe’s third party suppliers the right to lawfully process your personal data and sensitive personal data including payment card details outside of the European Economic Area for the purpose of provide account updater services.

  6. You must provide us with your Business Data for publication on the End Destinations. Your address may not be a PO Box, and your telephone number may not be a premium rate telephone number.

  7. You may elect not to publish the business address, however this may reduce the End Destinations on which your Business Data is displayed. Electing not to publish the business address with us does not mean your address will be withdrawn from End Destinations (which might already have that information independent of this agreement), it means only that we will not from that date continue to include the business address in the data set provided to the End Destinations for publication.

  8. The Business Data will be displayed on the End Destinations applicable from time to time to the Power Listing tier you have purchased. End Destinations and publishers of your business profile pages can be added and/ or removed from the applicable Power Listing tier without notice to you.

  9. Where you purchase multiple Power Listing products for the same business, your business profile pages may not be published by some of the End Destinations.

  10. We shall endeavour (but do not guarantee) to provide access to your business profile pages within forty-eight (48) hours of your order being received.

  11. By submitting Business Data (where applicable), you warrant that you are authorised to provide and grant us permission to display all content (including logos, photos and images) forming these profiles and comprising the Business Data.

  12. We shall endeavour to replicate the Business Data and business profile pages, however we cannot and do not guarantee they will be replicated exactly when syndicated and published.

  13. The position of your business profile pages in search engine results in response to a search request depends on a multitude of factors outside of our and your control such as the search engine algorithm, the search engine optimisation activity of your competitors etc. Whilst our search engine optimisation methodology ensures that your business profile pages can be easily read by search engines, we cannot guarantee a ranking on End Destinations.

  14. All service statistics reported to you shall be exclusively based on third party systems and reporting, we make no representations or warranty including as to their accuracy or suitability for any purpose, and you release us and hold us harmless from any liability howsoever arising from such service statistics and their use.

  15. Some Power Listing features are reliant upon third party providers including Facebook and other operators of the End Destinations. You acknowledge that (i) we may not be able to provide a particular feature where you do not meet the relevant criteria of the relevant third party; (ii) whilst we map your particular business classification(s) to the best of our ability, we do not have any control or ability to exercise influence over the third party services and how your business classification(s) are displayed by the End Destinations; and (iii) a third party provider's service may cease or change from time to time (the "External Factors"). You acknowledge that such events are beyond our control, agree that such an event will not permit you to terminate your services, and you release us and hold us harmless for any liability howsoever arising from the External Factors.

  16. Where the Power Listing features involve setting up and/or administering a page or pages on End Destinations, you warrant that: (i) you have all the necessary username(s), password(s) and any other requirements needed to access the web page(s) (e.g. Facebook or Twitter) (ii) where necessary, we are authorised to set up an account on your behalf; (iii) we are authorised to administer the page or pages on your behalf; (iv) you are authorised and grant us permission to display on the page(s) all content referred to above; and (v) you shall notify us when you change your password or other login details to the webpage(s) (e.g. Facebook or Twitter).

  17. Upon termination or expiry of this Agreement for any reason we shall have the right to withdraw the Business Data from all End Destinations

  18. While there is no upper limit to the extent or frequency of amendments that you can request be made to your business profile, if we believe at our sole discretion, that your amendment requirements are so excessive that other customers are or may be detrimentally affected, we may advise you of that fact. Should we continue to receive a high level of amendment requirements, we may terminate or suspend your service.

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